Quy Nhon specialties make attractive gifts for family and loved ones


Khám phá đặc sản Quy Nhơn

In recent years, Quy Nhon is one of the famous tourist destinations with unspoiled natural beauty, clear blue coast, fine white sand. Not only that, but Quy Nhon also attracts tourists by its diverse and rich cuisine. Coming to Quy Nhon, you can not only see and visit the “unique” attractions but also discover the unique culture here, especially the specialties of Quy Nhon that are not found anywhere else. any other have.

Right here, let’s explore Quy Nhon and all its wonderful specialties!

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Quy Nhon specialties as gifts

Referring to Quy Nhon specialties as gifts, anyone who has ever come here to travel can list a lot of meaningful gifts that can be bought for relatives and friends. Most of these gifts are related to cuisine and are outstanding specialties of Quy Nhon in particular and Binh Dinh province in general. So, what specialties does Quy Nhon have?

Coconut milk cake

Quy Nhon’s rice paper is similar to the rice paper of the southern provinces or the rice paper of the North, the only difference is that it is mixed with coconut water, so it is very fragrant and greasy. With this type of cake, you can both buy raw as a gift, and buy ready-made cakes to enjoy right away, which is also very convenient.

Quy Nhon coconut water rice paper

Coconut water rice paper when eaten does not need to be served with other dishes or dipping sauce, just put it in your mouth and you can feel the gentle and sweet coconut taste like the personality of the people of Quy Nhon.

Pink Cake

Pink cake is a cake originating from Tam Quan coconut land in Binh Dinh province and is sold a lot in Quy Nhon tourist land as a gift that many people love and choose to buy as gifts for relatives and friends.

Pink Quy Nhon Cake

Pink cake is white, when eaten, it will feel lumpy because of the coconut inside, very delicious and fragrant.

Sticky sticky rice cake

Banh Com sounds like a specialty of Hanoi, but sticky rice cake is a specialty cake of Binh Dinh, originating from An Nhon district.

Quy Nhon sticky rice cake

This type of cake often has ginger flavor, if it is less sticky, it will be spongy, if it is more sticky, it will be more flexible, sipping with a cup of hot tea is the right taste. The cake can be kept for a long time, so many people choose to buy it as a gift.

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Referring to Quy Nhon specialties as gifts, it is impossible not to mention Tre. Packaged in the form of small “broomsticks”, Tre inside is considered a “drinking bait” that is loved by many men.

Tre Binh Dinh

There are two types of Tre, which are Bo and Pig, but Pig Tre is the most popular. This type of Tre is made from meat, ear and pork belly with galangal, chili, sesame, garlic, and young guava leaves. When eating, you roll Tre in rice paper with suitable raw vegetables and then dip it in chili garlic fish sauce, it is extremely wonderful.

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Squid with garlic and chili

Coming to Quy Nhon, you can find the specialty of squid with garlic and chili in any restaurant, whether in the coastal area or deep in the city. This dish is often bought by tourists as a gift because it can be kept for a long time and has a bold characteristic of the sea here.

Quy Nhon chili garlic squid

Dried seaweed

Referring to dried seaweed, many people will immediately think of Korea, but no, even in Quy Nhon, you can also buy and enjoy Vietnamese standard dried seaweeds that are as delicious as specialties. of the land of kimchi.

Quy Nhon dried seaweed

Dried seaweed is a gift that many people choose because it is an extremely nutritious and good food for human health.

Hemp leaves little cakes

The simple and rustic little thorn-leaf cakes that clearly show the ingenuity and sophistication of the women of Binh Dinh are always a favorite gift of many people.

Quy Nhon little thorn cake

This type of cake has two types: white cake and cake with the color of hemp leaves. The cake has a crust made from glutinous rice flour mixed with hemp leaf juice and granulated sugar, while the filling is made from grated coconut or green beans, which is very fragrant and delicious.

Enjoying this cake, you will feel both the sweetness of sugar, the consistency and aroma of sticky rice with the fleshy taste of green beans or the spiciness of ginger.

Nem chua district market

Traveling to Quy Nhon, no one is unaware of the famous spring rolls in the district market here. Nem chua can both be enjoyed on the spot, and can be bought as a very delicious and meaningful gift.

Nem chua district market

Nem chua district market is wrapped with guava leaves, wrapped in banana leaves and then left to ferment naturally, when eaten, it has a tough, sour taste, if it is more sophisticated, it can be baked to feel the aroma of guava leaves.

Bau Da Wine

Besides the specialties of Quy Nhon above, there is another gift that also captivates tourists from near and far, which is Bau Da wine. This is a traditional wine of the people of Binh Dinh martial land, which is cooked from the best quality rice, combined with the unique water of Cu Lam village and preserved in extremely sophisticated porcelain vases.

Bau Da Wine

Bau Da wine has an alcohol content of up to 50 degrees, but when drinking, everyone must be surprised when the wine has a very refreshing and pleasant taste.

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Fried shrimp with ram

Shrimp spring rolls are a specialty of Quy Nhon as an indispensable gift in the list. This dish appears everywhere, from sidewalk shops to luxury restaurants. People in Binh Dinh eat shrimp paste whenever they like, not just on special Tet holidays.

Fried shrimp with ram

Shrimp spring rolls are made from ground shrimp with a little pork fat and then wrapped in a thin layer of rice paper. When eating, you fry it up and then eat it with raw vegetables and spicy and sour sauce, it is easy to be “crushed”.

Dried lychee fish

Referring to Quy Nhon, many people may immediately think of dried fish dish, which is a famous dish near and far with the “sea” flavor of Binh Dinh’s sea.

Dried Thieu fish

Dried fish is processed with yellow fibers, marinated with traditional spices, mainly pure ear fish sauce and pepper. When eating, you will feel a little salty, a little sweet and the spiciness of pepper up to the bridge of the nose is extremely wonderful.

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Grilled chopped fish

Coming to the sea, fish cake is probably the most familiar dish. If you have ever seen the famous fishing villages of Quy Nhon filled with fish and shrimp every time you return, you will understand why this place is so famous.

Grilled chopped fish

The freshest and most attractive fish such as mackerel, snapper, barracuda… are always selected and cleaned by the locals to make the perfect fish cake by manual methods, without toxic chemicals. , do not mix preservative additives.

Choy fish sauce

Choc fish sauce is a common specialty of the southwestern provinces, but with Quy Nhon, Binh Dinh, this fish sauce is still enough to please visitors because of its very own taste.

Choy fish sauce

Above are the Quy Nhon specialties as the most popular gifts today that anyone can find and buy as gifts when visiting this famous tourist land.

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Binh Dinh specialties

Binh Dinh is not only famous for tourism, with specialties brought back as gifts but also great dishes for visitors to enjoy on the spot and fully experience the culinary culture here. Binh Dinh specialties inherently have a lot, but let’s explore the most delicious dishes, worth the most to enjoy here!

My Cang Pancakes

Binh Dinh pancake is very idyllic and has its own flavor of the sea, so it is loved by many tourists. Made from simple ingredients such as rice flour, minced pork, eggs, herbs, fried onions, My Cang pancakes under the skillful hands and sophistication in each work of the people here always make the food delicious. Customers “fascinated” forever.

My Cang Binh Dinh pancakes

Hemp leaves little cakes

The cake with hemp leaves is not only considered a specialty of Quy Nhon as a gift, but visitors to Binh Dinh can also enjoy it on the spot with the most delicious and chewy new cakes.

Binh Dinh hemp leaf cake

Whether it’s a cake filled with chickpeas, coconut fiber, desiccated coconut or salty gai cake with fatty meat and peanuts, each piece of cake when you put it in your mouth will make you feel the delicious taste of the crust along with the greasy and rich flavor. characteristic aroma of the cake.

Binh Dinh sweet squid

Binh Dinh sweet squid is one of the first dishes that must be mentioned in the list of delicious specialties of this land. In order to process sweet squid, the cook must be very meticulous and elaborate right from the stage of choosing the raw materials, which are the freshest and most delicious squid.

Binh Dinh sweet squid

Tre Binh Dinh

Before buying Tre as a gift for friends and relatives, visitors can enjoy it first to experience the great taste of this specialty dish. Similar to the type of spring rolls of the Northern provinces, but this Binh Dinh specialty dish is replaced by many other ingredients such as bacon, meat, pork ears, pork skin… so the taste is also somewhat different. .

Binh Dinh

Especially, the layer of young guava leaves wrapped with Tre is the ingredient that creates the very own flavor of this dish.

Coconut milk cake

Coconut water rice paper is a very famous Binh Dinh coconut snack. Although this type of cake is not too fussy, the specific ingredients used have created a delicious and fragrant rice paper that just smells and makes people “ecstatic”.

Binh Dinh coconut water rice paper

Twin god noodles

Slightly different from other types of vermicelli, Bun Song Than has vermicelli noodles made from mung bean flour instead of regular tapioca or rice flour. Perhaps that’s why the white noodles have a characteristic white color that makes people feel excited. Moreover, vermicelli is often placed side by side, so the people here call it with the beautiful name of Bun Song Than.

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Binh Dinh Twin God Vermicelli

King crab

Huynh De crab is a famous delicious seafood of Binh Dinh province. This type of crab usually lives in rocky nooks in the sea, has a yellow-red shell with many tiny sharp spines and two strong claws. Huynh De crab meat is very firm, fragrant and can be used to make many different delicious dishes such as steaming, grilling.

Huynh De Binh Dinh Crab

Spring rolls in the district market

Referring to spring rolls, many people immediately think of Thanh Hoa, but the special dish of Binh Dinh district market has its own delicious and famous flavor that is not inferior.

Spring rolls in Binh Dinh district market

Processed quite sophisticatedly and meticulously, this type of spring rolls is wrapped in the form of a small banh chung. Nem after wrapping just needs to be stored in a cool, dry place for a few days to be able to eat. Try once to taste spring rolls from the district market to feel its difference compared to the famous Thanh Hoa spring rolls.

Tay Son beef

Tay Son beef jerky is a very famous and unique dish of Binh Dinh province, however, this is also a dish that is not easy to eat, even difficult to eat for many people.

Tay Son beef in Binh Dinh

Tay Son beef is made from the small intestine of the cow, keeps the green mucus inside and is processed immediately after slaughter to keep the food as fresh as possible. Gie (green mucus) is marinated with many spices such as garlic, chili, ginger, pepper, lemongrass …, to absorb the flavor and then cooked with the small intestine, beef liver and beef blood.

This dish, after cooking, will have a characteristic green color and a rich aroma. The first time you eat, you may not be familiar with your mouth, but from the second time, the more you eat, the more you will grind.

Fish salad

The stingray is a freshwater fish that usually lives in rivers, lakes, ponds and streams in Binh Dinh. This fish has a long, small body, very clean and fragrant meat. If you are a follower of raw salads, try eating raw fish salad after removing the bones and cleaning. Surely this delicious dish from Binh Dinh will make you nostalgic and come back many more times.

Binh Dinh stingray salad

That’s it, traveling to Binh Dinh in general and Quy Nhon in particular, you can not only enjoy the beautiful scenery but also experience the typical delicious dishes, the very own specialties of Binh Dinh without You can get it anywhere else.

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A trip to Binh Dinh will become a lot more complete if you can go everywhere, to every little corner, not just explore famous tourist areas. That way, you not only have more new experiences with the life and people here, but also experience their culinary culture. Quy Nhon specialties or Binh Dinh specialties always make visitors far and near “nostalgic” forever and want to come back many more times to enjoy. And don’t forget to buy some gifts for your friends and relatives.

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